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TinTin++, aka tt++, is a free MUD client for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows
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The WinTin++ client is a program designed to play Multi-User Dungeons for Windows users. MUDs are text-based multi-player role playing games, kind of like "Zork" online. Multi-User Dungeons are normally played in terminal clients like Telnet. However, their popularity and complexity meant that the experience was not the same with a terminal client. Therefore, MUD clients started to pop up all over the place. Tintin++ or tt++ is a free client to play MUDs, the original TinTin++ was intended for a Unix/Linux environment. WinTin++ is the original TinTin++ made for the Windows platform, using the PuTTY terminal. Unlike other MUD clients, this is only text-based, so there are not graphic interfaces or configuration menus. However, you do get nice features - first of all, it is extremely fast: you can react to situations very quickly. You also have aliases and triggers. Also, a big feature is having your output logged in HTML or text. Although it does not hold the power of commercial MUD clients, this small application is quick and its free. Still, you need to learn the control commands to use it correctly.

Ismael Mireles
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  • No graphic interface
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